We just posted the July 2013 Investment Newsletter.


– Historical view of long term indicators like Margin Debt and Net Cash Available sends a very clear and loud message….

– In the long term chart of the Dow Jones Industrial the extreme emotional bottoms of 1982 and 2002/2003, as well as the extreme emotional highs of 1987, 1999 and 2007 converge right now in 2013.  See this great chart with trend lines illustrating the converging taking place now….


And more in the newsletter.  Get the insight to the global market using demographics, economical cycles and Elliott Wave pattern. We focus on the long and intermediate trend.

We begin the newsletter with a summary followed by recommendations and finally the analysis of the different markets and opportunities are presented. Long term Elliott Wave structures are updated on all key markets. This is the tool you need if you are an investor.

Elliott Wave Technician, Geir Solem, Editor