We just posted the December 2013 Investment Newsletter.

The highlights:

– Get ready for volatility in the Bond market. Big move in interest rates and bonds are coming.

– Updated Elliott Wave structure of all major markets

– A large ending diagonal nearly complete in a major world currency. Early 2014 = Turbulence in currencies ?

– There are still compelling growth opportunities (Hint, not in the West).

– Long term cycles are cresting, an update….

And more in the newsletter.  Get the insight to the global market using demographics, economical cycles and Elliott Wave pattern. We focus on the long and intermediate trend.

We begin the newsletter with a summary followed by recommendations and finally the analysis of the different markets and opportunities are presented. Long term Elliott Wave structures are updated on all key markets. This is the tool you need if you are an investor.

Elliott Wave Technician, Geir Solem, Editor