The Elliott Wave Principle & Analysis
This course is suitable for those who have some knowledge of the Elliott Wave Principle, technical analysis, cycles and already use it for investment and trading. The duration of the course is 3 days, beginning on Wednesday morning and ending on Friday evening, or alternatively over a long weekend.


 This course covers the following topics:
The wave principle and its use in analysing the financial markets.
-Useful technical indicators, how the work and how to use them with the Elliott Wave patterns.
-Most common cycles that work in the stock market, how they work and how to use them to identify tops and bottoms in the financial market.


The Price for members : USD 1.395
The price for non members: USD 1.489
15% early bird registration if you register at least 6 weeks before the course commence.

An additional 15% discount for those who attend both courses (Introduction and advanced) on the total price.


The course prices include course materials, coffee and  light lunches. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner is covered by each participant, we can recommend accommodation and hotels.


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The purpose of learning the Wave Principle (psychology of the masses) is to understand and position yourself for the major trends in societies and the financial markets.
Elliott Wave Technician is a forecasting service based on the Elliott Wave Principle, economical cycles and demographics.