Commodities to Equity Ratio

A long term commodity bull market commenced in 2020 Commodities to outperform stocks for years….Geopolitics will predominate the coming decades. We now live in a world where central-bank reserves can be confiscated, commercial banks can be summarily disconnected from the SWIFT international payments system, and private assets can potentially be seized to pay for aContinue reading Commodities to Equity Ratio

Elliott Wave Technician April 2017 Investment Newsletter

We just posted the April 2017 Investment Newsletter. Highlights: Key currencies – Our subscribers are prepared for what is coming. Opportunity in a few commodities. And more in the newsletter.  Get the insight to the global market using demographics, economical cycles and Elliott Wave pattern. We focus on the long and intermediate trend. We beginContinue reading Elliott Wave Technician April 2017 Investment Newsletter