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Elliott Wave Technician is the only market market forecaster using Demographics, Economic & Geopolitical Cycles and Elliott Wave Theory to identify major trends and turning points. Analysis of global stock markets, commodities, precious metals, real estate, currencies, crypto currencies & tokens, bonds and interest rates, as well as social trends. Focusing on digital assets and investment management.

The Elliott Wave Principle describe the  psychology of crowds. Social mood (mass psychology) drives social action and has structure and form.

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Elliott Wave Technician Strategic Global Forecast an advisory and forecasting service for affluent individuals, family offices, corporations, institutions and governments. Personal advisory and discussions with clients, long term forecast for major stock markets, commodities, currencies, crypto currencies, tokens, bonds, interest rates, real estate, demographic trends and social (socionomics) trends globally. We use demographics, economic cycles and Elliott Wave theory in our forecasting and cover all major regions of the world.

Geir Solem is the editor and founder of Elliott Wave Technician.  He is also the chairman of Cornupia Capital ltd. a financial advisory service in mergers & acquisitions, offshore structures, corporate restructuring, takeover defense, investment management and international strategic advice. Geir Solem has published his financial research and forecasts in international media like The Traders Journal and Financial Sense. He is also an art collector of 20th century European artists.


His forecasts have included predictions about economic collapse of Europe, as well as immigration woes, protectionism and the rise of collectivism (like fascism, socialism, marxism). He has also predicted war and terrorism in the middle east and rising global anti Americanism.

He expect failing banks, bankrupt cities and increasing number of countries defaulting on their loans in the Western world the coming decades. He thinks the stage is set for panic in the streets. When governments, giant firms and banks fall, they’ll crush the man on the street.

He is forecasting increasing unrest and rebellions in the streets of Europe and expect it will reach its initial intensity from 2016 to 2023.

We are in the early stages of a globally darkening social mood, a trend that could see collectivism  (socialism, fascism, nazism and communism) dominate much of the planet, with technology enabling a more subtle and pervasive “Big Brother” than that of the Soviets. The bed fellow of socialism is poverty which should rise to unmanageable levels. In the western world not seen since the 1930’s.

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